The artisan at work.

A Destination

Ever been to a ghost town and looked for hidden treasures and been surprised when you found them? Well that's what happens when you visit Blackie's Bait Shop in Walnut Springs, Texas. An unexpected treasure of Hemmingway, Key West atmosphere and maybe the best pizza you'll ever have. A full service bar to quench your adventurous thirst and a mood setting atmosphere that you'll least expect. Try us, you'll like it!


The Legend of
Cabo Blanco

Click here to learn more about this incredible place known as Black Marlin Blvd.


Hemmingway's Choice

Ernest would have been proud of our selection from our full-service bar.


Home Port

After a long day of wishing you had been fishing for the man in the blue suit instead of ??? everyday, relax in your dreams at Blackie's Bait Shop.